Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jewelry Organization

During the move I had just thrown all my jewelry into a basket and that is where it remained, tangling up and collecting dust. After the third time knocking it over, I decided that I needed a better solution to my jewelry. 
I have had these frames since the move, begging me to use them. I decided to go with the one on the left and create a place for jewelry to be displayed and to also keep tangled free. 
I measured and cut using my trusty Miter Saw. 

I placed them in where I wanted them and when I was satisfied at the end result I flipped the frame over and took out all the boards. I used the bottom board in this picture to raise the top board closer to the back of the frame, so it would be inset a little for my jewelry to hang. Using nails, I hammered in two nails on each side of the board, careful not to go through the front. 
For my last board, since it was the only board I had left, I used scrap pieces that were left in my cutting to prop up the final board to nail into place. 
This is the last board that I nailed, I got better at the angle as time when on. 
My little helper was extremely busy. 
On the back of these frame was already a U hook so I tied a wire to it and twisted it around. 
I cut the wire and looped the end through the other U hook to create a wire hang on the back. Then I flipped it over. 
Not bad if I do say so myself. :) Like my paint jeans? 

I hammered in regular silver nails (small ones) and hung some jewelry up. I obviously didn't fill this up for display purposes only but you could triple the amount of nails and hang anything your little heart desires! 
There was a purpose for leaving the gap in between the boards, to hang my rings of course!