Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cleaning your flower pots

I had found out on twitter that Bar Keepers friend works wonders on pots for all of my garden readers. I thought...well it works awesome on my countertop so why not try it and blog my progress. 
Here is the bottom of the pot, one years worth of hard water stain and junk. 

The first thing I did was take a paper towel and wipe out all of the excess dirt to try to get all the gunk off it before we actually poured on water and Bar Keepers Friend. 

I added a little water.

Added the powder. 

This is the one I was using today. It's a cleaner and polish. I only used a non-metal scrub. One that you would see in the kitchen. 

Here is the result (and my pad I used). There were some other spots that needed additional elbow grease but I was ultimately happy. 

Here is the bottom of the pot, I sometimes water through the bottom instead of the top. If you have water standing in your pots then you will develop this ring.

The Bar Keepers Friend took it right off. It was amazing! 

The result is my two happy pots in their partial shade! :) I have Francis Purple Shamrock and Peppermint in the small container. Make sure if you plant peppermint, you do it in a container, they tend to take over everything. Reese picked out the Francis Purple Shamrock plant because it reminded him of butterflies. I'll take more pics in the future when it starts cascading over the pot. :)