Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pallet bookshelf

Oh goodness I am at it again with more pallets. I mean how can you not love free wood?
I first use my trusty Milwakee saw and I cut apart the pallets, cutting along the nails.

Once apart, I place them together. I want a deep setting shelf that can carry my stereo as well as hold some of my baskets. 

I screw along the horizontal pieces into each board. 

Once I have the sides put together I set them up, facing each other. 

I place the boards together with screws. My daughter stole my camera so I missed about five steps but you can see that I screwed in the horizontal boards on the front first and then the cross pieces in the back. You can see from the picture below I then added more boards in the inside and screwed them to the cross pieces. 

I then placed all the boards on the ledge that I created and added boards on the top, middle and bottom and screwed them down. 

Once again, when putting the two sides together, I secured these boards first to connect the two pieces and then added the cross pieces in the back before adding all of the shelves.

This is the inside view of the back 'wall of the shelf. The pieces are by no means perfect but they covered the diagonal piece in back. 

Here is another view of the bottom corner.

Then we added our favorite Minwax stain in Golden Oak.

My favorite little girl helper assists with the stain.
End result. :)