Saturday, April 20, 2013

Displaying Halters in your Home

If you have some collected halters (for those of you that are into horses or western decor) I want to show you a new way of displaying them. We have several pieces that are super special to my cowboy. For those sentimental pieces I wanted to have an organized place for each of them.

I started by going to Lowes and purchasing these door knobs. They match my kitchen's nobs. I found my favorite thing in the world (a piece of pallet wood from an old pallet). 

I start by placing the screw in the wood where I wanted the knobs to go in the back of the wood. 

When I flip it over, you can see the screw is through the wood. I then just have to screw on the knob. Pretty easy, eh? 

This is what it looks like with the knob in place. 

This is my daughter, counting in spanish, the number of knobs. :) Then she did it in english. (We love Dora the Explorer)

I use my favorite wood finish, Minwax in Golden Oak and after taking the knobs off again, I stain the wood. This time I just used an old rag to apply the stain. 

I then used a stud finder to locate the studs in my wall. Halters can weigh a lot and I do not want anyone getting knocked out by it falling. I placed it beside the knob so that when the halters are in place, the screws are hidden. 

The final result is a display of our halters besides my cowboy's coors guy. Happy hanging.