Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little princess's wardrobe

If you have extra dressers laying my case in my daughter's closet being unused. It's time for a revamp! 

We find some space. 

I then take out the door to the first dresser. 

This is my helper. She is placing a screw on my drill. I bet most of you would love to have a helper like this. ((btw she fell on a dresser and got some boo boos and lots of ice cream)). 

I remove the top latch shown below on the top. 

Then my daughter helps pour modge podge on the bottom layer and place pieces of purple fabric on the bottom. These were leftover pieces from our diy curtains in her room. 

We fold over the front and press down, from front to back. 

I then pulled off the strips of plastic because most of them were coming off anyways. 

I painted this brown that matched her paint in her room. 
The end result is a cute little spot. 

I added a bar across the top and we have an instant dress up center. 

Enjoy dressing up kiddos! I still need to buy a couple hooks for her chaps on the side. In addition I will be drilling holes in the sides of both white dressers to place the rod for a more secure 'fit'. You can adjust the size of the rod for as many clothes as you have.