Thursday, March 21, 2013

Product Review: Remedy Skin Care

I was recently asked to provide some feedback on some product that I won at a twitter party, Remedy Skin Care (Twitter). I was asked, "Would love to hear what you think about Remedy on the Ranch!" They probably didn't expect I would do an entire post on them with pictures! In fact I don't even know if they know I have a blog!

First thing I did was strip off my boots and try on the slippers they had. One size fits all...which kinda scares me since I am a size 10. They fit! Phew. But as soon as I took it off, my daughter had to see if they truly were 'one size fits all'. She thought they fit as well. 

With the slippers, this was the entire package. :) Thanks so much Remedy!

Well after I read the note...I looked at the product. I received six packets which I thought, hmmm...I could do a trial period and use half a pack twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night. As a rancher my hands are the most abused. I have them crammed in leather gloves if I am working fence line. I have them shoved in water if I mess with the floats. I am a gardener which means I should wear gloves but I don't. I am in red dirt if I am planting. I also just built a shelf and stained it.
In addition, I bite my nails. Yes...I am the PERFECT candidate for actually spending a little time to 'pamper' myself. 

These are some before pictures of my hand. You can tell I am hard on my hands from the white marks on my nails. This is due to hitting it on something, causing a white mark to appear. To keep this as simple as possible I decided to take three pictures each day. One of my right hand, one of my left hand and one of my left knuckle. 

Day 1

One of the first things that I found out about the product was the scent. It is nice and light. Not overbearing like so many lotions out there. I placed half of the package in my hands and tried to work it in. It was fast absorbing and the feel was unlike a water based lotion feel. This truly had something in it because I could see a difference in my hands after just one application. Then I read that it has 24% silicone blend (Bingo) that was why my skin was instantly feeling smooth and supple. It also says on the back that it improves the appearance of redness. We'll see if it works on my 'red' knuckles. :)  

Day 2

One thing that I noticed right away was how slick my hands felt after the first day. I went to grab a wire on the fence to secure a gate and could barely hold onto it! Day two consisted of me working in the garden for about 2 hours. I planted lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and cabbage. My hands were in the dirt the entire time. When I went to wash my hands the red dirt came right off. Which normally it will stain my knuckles but it seems this product is creating a barrier for my skin. In addition, day two shows a drastic color change in my knuckles. They have gone from having a reddish tint to normal again. I plan on soaking tonight in a tub (usually I do the 15 min shower) and perhaps file my nails and put anti-biting stuff on it. Does this stuff make you want to take care of your self? Dunno. I just know I have a two year old that watches me eat my nails so now she does the same. (So tonight were both getting our nails done). 
Day 3

The manicure ended up being the fastest manicure! My toddler had to help so I was rushed. But I did get a 20 min. soak which helped. I pushed back cuticles and filed my nails. I also cut just the excess cuticles. The result is a fast manicure but a bunch better than before. :) 

But I wanted to show something, after I took the soak, this is what my hands looked like...can you believe that the water just beaded off! My hands were permanently protected from the water! This would be a great product for nurses who are constantly washing their hands. 

Day 4

Day 5

I ended up in the water troughs all day. Which is not good for a demonstration on how the product works for 'ranch hands' but I guess that is what they asked...I used my hands to clean out a water trough that I dried out and cleaned it and then refilled it. I left my shovel at the house so I ended up scooping out most of the sediment with my hands which was very damaging. It stained my hands with the mineral rich matter and dried them out completely. I also fed the cattle and the horses and moved them into another pasture. 

After cleaning out those troughs and everything my hands soaked up Remedy's product. I have found that it's better to take a shower and wait 20 min. until all the water has been dried off and had time to evaporate off my body before applying the product. It goes into the skin and allows the barrier to be created. If your skin is wet, it doesn't go on as well. 

I also had a chance to test out the Vanilla candle. I started it when I took a soak. I noticed that it was a light scent. What I didn't realize was when I left the room and did stuff in other areas of the house and returned, the vanilla smell was just wonderful. It filled the entire room and kept the smell in my bathroom hours after the candle was blowed out. I guess my nose had grown accustom to it's scent while I was in the bathroom. If you are looking for a great smelling candle, Remedy is up there with some of the top line. 

Ok that is my conclusion of my product review of Remedy. You can find them online at Twitter at

I was in no way paid to say these things. :) I just won some of their product and on the letter was asked, "Let me know what you think" here it is! No use keeping a good product all to myself.