Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pallet Sandbox

This project took about thirty minutes and will last my children hours of fun! Not to mention they will be able to play outside! I am in the process of creating six raised beds in my newly established garden. She was constantly trying to jump in and dig. I knew this would be a problem when my little seeds would be poking their little heads out of the ground. I decided to make a sand box right next to the raised garden beds so that she would have a place where she could dig till her heart is content. 

I took a regular pallet and gutted it. This is the guts. 
I used my milwalkee sawmill reciprocating saw and cut the nails free and the middle brace out. 

What I did was keep the frame of the pallet. I also opted to keep the top and bottom ends to create a 'bench' for the kids. That way if it rains their butts won't end up orange from the Oklahoma red dirt. :) 

Old trusty...My black and decker sander.

 I sanded the boards to make sure that I could run my bare hand along the wood without splinters. Sand first people before you run your hand along the wood! If the kids wear shorts in the summer they will not be hurt by a splinter from the old pallet wood.

I placed the sand box in the spot i wanted to use and then dug out the inside about 6 inches. I used the black tarp and lined the bottom so that the sand box won't fill up with weeds right away. 

I then filled the tarp with sand from our local pond. Free. Cost only sand paper and a little electricity for the sander and sawmill. 

My little model is demonstrating how awesome the little seat is working out. My 11 year old loves the sand box. Which means if you build it, they will come and leave your garden alone!