Monday, January 14, 2013

Lights for starting seeds indoors

Starting seeds indoors means fruit, vegetables, and flowers earlier. It also means you can control your seedlings get off to a great start. I saw kits that extended into the hundreds of dollars. Forget that! I picked up these at walmart. I got three of them. 

I then looked in the same lighting section for a bulb that is specifically used to promote growth and flowering of plants. I have seen you can use a regular bulbs on other sites. 

I just slip my finger or a knife in the side and remove the cover.
I remove the bulb.
I reused the plant bulb package to store the lights. 

    If you use packing tape on the end it will protect the bulb from slipping out and you can just relabel the package.

I drilled a hole beside the hardware hole.

I insert the S hook. You can use S hooks to lengthen or shorten how far away the light is from the seeds.

I replace the bulb.

I hang the lights. I really lucked out because we had a little closet with shelves by the kitchen. I hook all of the lights to a electric strip so I can turn them all on at once just by a flip of a button.