Sunday, January 13, 2013

Old window redone with paint and burlap

I found an old window at a thrift store and decided to give it a little revamp.
On this picture you can see that there is nothing holding the window in place.
On this picture you can see some of the original caulking on the window that was sturdy enough to hold the window in place. 

I started with taping off the window where there was a need for caulking.

I made sure that the window would also receive some of the caulking to hold it into place. 

I used kwik seal caulking. This window will eventually be hanging in my little girl's room so there was no need for anything else. 

I applied a thick band in between the groove.

Then I took a paper towel and ran it along the bead.

This smoothed out the rough spots and made it look smoother, while sealing into the crevasse. 

I then pulled off the tape, before it dried. I rolled the excess into a mini roll to keep the caulking from getting on the window. 

I waited 24 hours for the caulking to set in then washed it with a vinegar solution.

I pulled out each of the window ropes, leaving a nail behind in one of them. I thought that was kinda cool so I left the nail.

The only hardware I used was four screws and wire. I used the small ones for the window and one long screw for the wall. Sorry I must have miscounted by one! 

I used what we had on hand which was electrical fence wire, bending it around each screw, creating a string between the two screws.

I then used the stud finder to place one screw on the wall. 

I printed Lucile on a piece of paper and sized it on the frame. It wasn't quite as large as I wanted it to be. Back to the printer.

I ironed the burlap.

I then placed the burlap over the window frame and used scissors to cut it close to the frame. 

I found the font size which was 400.
I then cut out the black and lined the stencil to make sure it was even. I taped it to the burlap and painted the letters, using three colors.
I bought paint samples from Lowes with the color of choice. I let this dry for 2 hours.

I then used extra pieces of burlap to secure the ends and then used a piece of packing tape to fold in half to make sure it would never 'unravel' and that it created a more secure piece to nail into.

I rolled it tight and nailed and then moved down the window frame, stretching and nailing.

The result is my daughter's name on burlap in an old frame.