Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tissue Paper Holder For Crafters

I have tissue paper in large quantities that have just taken over my soap business room. They are cluttering my beautiful pallet shelf! (from a previous post!) The tissue paper are in stacks and I know that it won't be long before they will get torn up. I looked online to find any suitable holder and much to my shock, could not find anything. Some Pinterest users suggested using shoe racks. At 15 bucks a pop, I decided to buy a piece of board ($4.00) and some dowels (80 cents each) and make one that not only I could adjust, but put a bunch on!  Total cost was $10.40 since I got 8 dowels...You can use less by making this project smaller! 
Here is my one board I used. And one of the dowels. 

I first measured the dowel, which was four feet. I decided to make my cut at 21 inches down to allow enough dowels to be placed on the rack.

I make two marks.
I made some marks two inches apart all the way down. If this doesn't make sense...just look at my holes! They are staggered all the way down.

I place the boards on top of each other and drill down, through the first board. It will leave a mark, which will help be your guide on the second board. Do not go all the way through the bottom board or it will damage the tip of your bit.
I am using this type of wood drill bit. I honestly don't know what the proper name is for it. When you are drilling, make sure to bring it up once in a while, to let all the sawdust out of your hole.

When doing the second board, lay it on a scrap piece of wood so when you punch through, it will hit this board and not the concrete.

The result is to perfectly matching drilled out boards.

Take your dowels and chop em in half. I used my miter saw...cause I'm dangerous. 

Get your slave labor to help put the dowels in.

Place two pieces of wood on the top and bottom and screw them into place.

Then find a studs in your wall and mount. Guess what!? You now have an ADJUSTABLE tissue paper holder. You can remove and add dowels however and wherever you need them.

The final result.

BTW I am showing four different tissues paper patterns with 250 sheets each. ((Yes it's a load of tissue paper!)) It will lay nice and flat if you only have smaller quantities.