Friday, August 2, 2013

Influenster Mary Kay Project

I am an influenster! The product that I am reviewing today is Mary Kay! I honestly have never used Mary Kay before this came in my mail. To my absolute delight I received this in the mail for free! 

Did I mention that I LOVE being an Influenster!? 

Here is my non-makeup look! 

Here I used Mary Kay's primer for eyelashes and mascara! This is my daytime look. I work on a ranch! So I apply sunscreen on first and then apply mascara only if I know I am not going to be sweating outside all day! I love the length that Mary Kay mascara took my lashes to! A friend of mine has been putting on fake eyelashes on each individual eyelash and mine looked like her $70 buck eyelash extension without the money put in it! Mine won't last two weeks, like hers, but just think of the amount of money I could save with Mary Kay and still have the glamourous look! I applied a non-Mary Kay lip plumper for this shot.

For my evening look I applied Mary Kay's liquid eye shadow. Mine came in purple and it was absolutely a treat. You can blend it evenly without clumping. The brush that I received did a fantastic job of creating the night time look I was hoping to achieve. 
I put on a non-Mary Kay eyeliner and lip gloss to complete my look. 

Thank you Mary Kay for having amazing product that was a true delight to use! I look forward to many more beautiful days thanks to your product!