Friday, August 2, 2013

Bzz Agent Autumn Reporting

I belong to a nifty little society online called! You receive product for free to test it out and then deliver your honest opinion of what the product actually does or doesn't do!

In my latest kit:
The Lysol Power & Free claims that it can clean without the harshness of bleach. It uses peroxide to kill 99.9% of the germs. Perhaps they keep the .1 percent alive so they can keep their job security. :)

They claim that you don't have to open windows or drive out the children because it is safe to use.

This is what I received for free! Two full size bottles of the Lysol Power & Free Spray and Wipe. 
I honestly have to admit. I hate the wipes. The durability of the wipe is amazing. It will last through a bunch of scrubbing but I couldn't clean off my entire table in this picture without running the wipe dry. I ended up putting water on it just to re-moisten it. How effective was my germ killing power after I re-moistened it? Probably 70%? Yikes. Don't bother getting the wipes.

The spray was another story. The spray was amazing on windows and glass. It worked better than my own regular mix (consisting of vinegar and a smidgin of water). There was no streaks on my glass or mirrors. :) It also polished all my appliances and stainless steel amazing! I used the bottom of our shower to show the power of the peroxide. When I sprayed the bottom of my grimy shower, you could actually see the hydrogen peroxide bubbles hard at work. 

This was the result of the bottom of my tub. I used this because we have hard water stains. I was HOPING that it would take them up. But it didn't....back to the bar keepers friend. :) But...I think I might switch my window cleaner out for some Amazing Lysol Power and Free.