Friday, May 10, 2013

Our field of Dreams

I was saving pictures in my external hard drive when I realized there were tons of potential postings that I had completely forgotten about. So...I will hopefully get to post them this month (if I don't get busy-we have a branding ..and my projects are endless right now)

As I've said before this is our field of bulbs (mainly three different varieties of daffodils: Dark yellow, light yellow, and white). My husband told me that he was going to mow them down...(Gasp). So I set out to saving them earlier this spring. But I honestly didn't get far because we ended up needing to fix a bunch of fence that took priority! It's all about what takes priority at a ranch. Daffodils unfortunately are at the bottom of my husbands priority list! 

My two biggest helpers are digging them up.

Pretty healthy looking bulbs. Usually you wait for the green to die off. But honestly when they are going to get unearthed with the blade, it don't matter when you save em!

With the help of my son...we planted them along my garden. They probably won't do well this year since the transplant probably zapped them but next year I should have some awesome flowers in the spring.

This is my son loading the back end with more daffodils. We didn't even make a dent in you can see...But luckily as I write today my husband has not unearthed them and I will wait for them to die off a bit more before working on these more. (fall?)-I think so! 

To me these flowers represent a field of dreams...the reason why is we have worked so darn hard to get to Oklahoma and when I looked at all the blooms out in the middle of this barren field, at the start of spring, in a way it kinda represents us this first year. We did everything we could to get here and sometimes it looked like our fields were bare with nothing growing in them. But when we got here suddenly things are so much easier so we can actually bloom instead of just barely survive. We can pollinate (not reproduce!) and give others some goodness along the way to our community and to our neighbors. And so far it's been such an amazing place to call home. I'm proud to say I'm an okie!