Sunday, March 17, 2013

Natural markers for the garden

Rustic gardening is my bliss. I enjoy making things from nature like back in the days. Call it homesteading, call it being frugal, call it a tightwad. :) I don't give a damn. I tell ya one thing, when it's done...I enjoy it even more than going out and spending money like a lot of people I know. Plus then it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I can tell people, I did this, I built this, I made this and you know most people give me a look like, no way. That is the best part. Here is my rustic version of a identification marker for my garden. I find a stick. Any stick...but the key is once you find a stick, you stick to that kind of stick, that width, and cut them all the same for a 'unified' look. 

I take my knife and I begin to carve, past the bark, and into the wood. I create a little 'space' that is flat where I will write the name of the plant or seedlings that I sow. 

I then take a permanent black marker and write what I have or will be planting. 

Yes it looks a little big at first, but once the goodies come up, it is easy to find the marker amongst the foliage. It's about 48 inches in height. Happy carving. Also for those tender handed people that haven't carved in their need to possibly wear gloves to cover your thumb (see the above pic) cause if you do a lot of these, your thumb will hurt. Oh and don't cut yourself. Not responsible for people being 'challenged' with a knife. :)