Friday, February 1, 2013

No sew curtains and natural wooden rod

For my no-sew curtains, I bought two- three yards of fabric. It was less expensive to buy them from walmart by doing two-three yards of fabric rather than one six yard of fabric. I knew I would be using the fabric to make two panels so it wasn't painful to have it broken up. I used liquid stitch on the fabric.
I placed the fabric on a huge working surface, in this case, my floor. 

I placed a paper towel under where I would be making the fold with glue. I drizzled a small portion in a straight line where I wanted to make the crease. I then used a q-tip to make an even swipe down the line to even out the glue. Work quickly because the glue dries fast. I folded and bonded the sides of the panels first.

Once the sides were done I worked on the top. I folded and glued a small flap over to secure the ends similar to the sides.

Next I folded over the top. I made a seven inch fold from top to end of fold. This picture shows the glue  on the inside of the fold, which I smoothed out with a q-tip. 

I then made sure the fold was secure and pressed down. This picture shows the top, completed on the side. We have plenty of room to find a branch to fit through. 

I measured my window sill from the bottom of where I would be hanging the wooden rod and the bottom of the floor, which measured 87 inches. I cut at 89 inches to allow a two inch fold at the bottom. I then glued and secured the bottom at 87 inches, the desired length.

I ironed both panels going all the way to the edge. 

We have many branches like this around our property. We use them for stays in our fence. ((For all you ranchers I will be posting 'how to' on 'ranch stuff' in the future.)

I used my handy black and decker battery saw (since my husband thinks I will cut my leg off with a real one) and chopped off the top. I was going to keep the top didn't fit in her room. 

I put the panels on the rod and screwed the rod into a stud. (use a stud finder, do not guess)
Lucile playing with the old 'rod' in her room.

The result are two panels. I will be making burlap tie backs in the future.