Friday, February 1, 2013

Branding in 2011

In 2011 we took these pictures of our branding. Each year we gather our cattle and sort off the calves from their mothers (sometimes we keep them together) and we rope, brand, vaccinate, dehorn, and castrate (remove the balls). Phew such a lot for such a little cow but they handle it well.

My husband taking a rest amongst the aspen trees as we moved cattle several weeks before the branding.

A bunch of our friends watching riders rope calves.

Here is our friend, Twine, with a calf roped and I am holding it down for the brand.

And I am still holding. :) 

My husband is to the right of me. 

Our mother cows.

My cowboy's parents restored a chuckwagon and cooked us a very tasty meal for everyone who came. Even people we didn't even know. :) 

My little girl pausing for a bottle and giving momma a break from the cows.