Saturday, February 2, 2013

A beautiful sight

Goodmorning fellow readers. Last night while I was checking the fences in the horse pasture I noticed a beautiful sight, yellow flowers! This year will be a year of exploration on our property, since this is our first year in Oklahoma. I was so overwhelmed with joy at the sight of these guys, I went back to the area where they were and weeded the large, tall 'weeds' that my husband will have to spray from the ten years of neglect the property has taken.

As my dogs laid down to rest, I took to pulling the 'weeds'. I discovered not just a small cluster of bulbs but they stretched quite a large area. They no doubt were probably planted and multiplied throughout the years. 

I have daffodils...I think. :) I am hoping that a couple of you 'plant enthusiasts' can identify exactly what I have. They are approximately 6-7 inches tall. Please comment below! I am excited to know what treasure I truly have.

Well enough of the flowers, it's back to work dogs in the cattle pastures! Here are L-R: Boomer, Danno, and Alley keeping a protective barrier between myself and the cattle. I love these guys.
Ed or Gin (as in Gin/tonic) is our border collie, he has a split personality and only answers to one of the two names each day, it's your job to figure out who he is. I don't know where Lola was hiding in all the pictures but somehow she must have been camera shy so I'll snap her next time. 

So I came back today to show an updated picture of my tulips. :) 

It was funny cause my friends said, my cowboy doesn't have to buy me flowers because he got me a whole field of flowers that pop each year.