Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Ferro Cat and the Neater Feeder

I wanted to share a very special story about our cat, Coal. He was purchased for twenty dollars at our humane society back in Colorado.  I had a mouse and chipmunk problem back home in the barn. I needed a mouser. When the lady went to put him in the cage she literally threw him in since he was so wild. They told me to leave him in the cage for a week to acclimate the cat to his new surroundings. After the second day I gave him some tuna and kept the cage open. I didn't see him for two weeks. I kept his bowl full of cat food which im sure the chipmunks loved. The strangest thing began happening with Coal. I saw him in a yard one morning. The sightings became more frequent. He began eating from his dish and slowly warmed up to my two year old. Perhaps it was her small size but Coal began hanging out. In addition his job description began to be fulfilled.  He was a little mouser.

I shared this story with Neater Feeder during one of their giveaways. My number was pulled and we were able to get one. The delivery was fast and prompt with no problems. In addition Coal can now reach his food at a comfortable height. The Neater feeder promotes a tidy spill area designed especially for a clean space. If my toddler hit the previous feeder food cascaded along our back porch. The water would mix in with the food and it was a mess. 

Using it roughly a week I have notice no spills on our deck. The food catches in an easy to clean tray below. The design allows my cat to eat at a more natural position and it is stylish with two silver bowls inside their feeder. My bowls are medium size and the feeder is for a cat. They come in two colors and multiple sizes all the way up to a large dog. This would be perfect for an eager puppy who goes wild during feeding or an older dog to aid in digestion. 

The price is also amazing! Click here for their website!  Btw I was not paid for this speal. I won their product off their promotion.  But it was perfect for Coal, my domestic-ferro cat. Have a rescue story? Post it below! I'd love to hear about your extended family!