Monday, December 31, 2012

Rustic paper holder

Today I went through a fast project of revamping the annoying paper holder in the kids' bathroom. The thing was at first a high industry tp holder for the family living here before. I trashed that one and bought it, using the existing holes, but it sat uneven and showed the other holes. It had to go.
Holder sitting uneven with holes on the other side. I had purchased this paper holder at Lowes. 

I removed the holder and measured the wall. 

I took an old pallet board and measured out 19 inches.

I used a miter saw and made a single cut down the board.
I used my handy sander to remove the bird poop and clean it up a bit.
I then used minwax wood finish in golden oak to stain.

I applied it to one of the planks.
I applied the stain in the direction of the grain.

This shows the before and after for the stain application.

I put the holders appliance on the board.

Then I secured it in the side of the vanity.

I also had a helper throughout the process. She was more interested in the q tips.

I tightened the holder in place.

The holder now matches my 'pallet' towel holder.

The result is a happier "less hole-y" bathroom. Now to figure out how to get the monkey down.

The end result. eventually 'paint' this bathroom!