Friday, March 2, 2018

Ease Your Mind and Mood with Essential Oils

We’ve all been there. We’ve had an overly stressful day where that one thing sends us over the edge. Or maybe it’s not just one thing. Perhaps you are constantly struggling with the feeling of being overwhelmed or down – finding day-to-day life difficult to manage. Sometimes we take our work home with us and let the stress of it run our lives. Or maybe it’s just the way we are. Whatever the source of our stress or anxiety, we could all use some quick relief. While nothing can replace a visit with your doctor, there are natural and healthy ways to help relieve that inner turmoil. Keep reading to learn how essential oils may improve your mood and your life!

Why Try Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants and other natural ingredients. Essential oils have a very pleasant aroma and can be used to help address all types of physical and mental ailments. These oils have been used medicinally for centuries. They can be administered topically, orally, or via aromatherapy with a diffuser or steam. Often oils are combined, sometimes with a lighter, carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil, to create a type of therapeutic “potion.” (Add a few drops of soothing essential oils to a carrier oil, and you can even use the blend topically as an aromatherapy-based, relaxing massage!)

While essential oils are considered to be fluid in their ability to aid in whatever the user’s specific ailment may be, there are certain types of oils that have been shown to help specifically with stress and anxiety. One of the most tried and true options is, among others, lavender. There are four other must-have essential oils we recommend too.

5 Must-Have Essential Oils


Lavender is one of the most commonly used essential oils today and contains antioxidant and sedative properties. Several studies have been conducted with lavender oil with highly beneficial results of anxiety and stress relief, as well as better sleep. Lavender has even been shown to have a similar effect as anxiety medication. It can be combined with bergamot, another calming oil, to create a very soothing fragrance.


Bergamot is widely used to counter depression. While bergamot has a calming aroma, it is also said to be a mood booster and provide mental energy.


Rose, like lavender, is another popular light and floral scent used to help ease feelings of stress and anxiety. Rose oil has long been used to assuage grieving and shock, battle panic attacks, as well as promote a peaceful mood. Controlled studies have found that individuals that use rose oil during moments of anxiety have a higher chance of reducing that anxiety and stress and enabling calm.


Chamomile is primarily known as the tea you drink before bedtime. The reason chamomile is so widely known for this is because it does, in fact, contain soothing properties. Chamomile extract has been shown to decrease irritability, overthinking, anxiety, and worry, and instead promote feelings of harmony, peacefulness, and rest. Another study showed that chamomile may provide anti-depressant activity for those who commonly experience anxiety and depression.


Frankincense is another great essential oil for providing relief for anxiety and depression as it encourages a tranquil energy and spiritual grounding. Frankincense is said to help quiet the mind and clear your head. It has been shown to work well with lavender and bergamot in a 1:1:1 ratio for promoting peace of mind and tranquility.

While there are many essential oils that can aid in the daily struggle for peace of mind, these are some of the most tried and true. If you are experiencing serious anxiety or depression, it is always best to see a doctor. Essential oils are not meant to replace professional advice, but they are a means of helping with day-to-day stress alleviation and promoting general peace of mind.

While what works for some does not always work for others, it is always beneficial to give natural remedies a try. Essential oils are a safe and natural way to help maintain mental health and happiness.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash