Thursday, October 10, 2013

South Dakota Devastation and Horrific Photos (viewer discretion is advised)

South Dakota Cattle Ranchers had a monumental blizzard hit and many of them lost a huge percentage of their livestock. Tens of thousands death loss to our cattle industry.

News reporters are too busy covering the government shutdown and failed to bring it to light in a timely manner. Yet alone, let it be of importance on their website. (SHAME ON YOU).

The heart of America is with those trying to keep tradition alive and your bellies full. Ever wonder what it would be like to have empty shelves in the supermarket? Where do you think food comes from? Milk? Beef? Eggs? Salad? From our dedicated farmers and ranchers.

I'm plain pissed off at our government because of this reason: You are not helping those that WORK for a living ...especially our ranchers and farmers that feed our nation. The South Dakota residence NEED federal assistance to locate their herds and help recoup their losses. During this government shutdown we are still funding foreign countries like Egypt. Don't you think our country DESERVES our attention first?

As a taxpayer, I want my money going back into America's WORKING class. Don't you?

What is most sickening is our farm bill has not passed for the year. It won't even come up now that we are in shutdown. So a bill that would help assist our ranchers and farmers and feed America is on the backburner until their puppet show ends.

SHAME ON YOU GOVERNMENT! You are here for us, not the other way around! You are acting like stubborn children trying to get your way! The hard working Americans (that are becoming a smaller and smaller percentage of America) are fed up with the way our government is ran.

You are messing with our livelihoods.

I am Autumn from Oklahoma and I support this message. If I was closer I'd move our herd into the white house lawn and camp out. Don't know if it's a fence in or out state.

This picture speaks so much to me because there is still a calf with it's head up, ears down alive in there. Even if they were to save it...the battle of upper respiratory infection and sickness might kill it.

These pictures were provided by Thank you for showing us the true destruction. Our prayers from Oklahoma are with you during your loss.