Friday, June 14, 2013

Our new arrival

I am always happy when it comes to new births! This baby arrived about 30 minutes ago. We missed it dropping but was able to catch the lick off and them recovering together. The baby was breathing and sat up long enough to get tired again and have to lay back down. I will give them about two hours of bonding time and then I am going to go out and treat the horses and give mama some extra loving.

Congrats Bonnie on your first baby! You are a tuckered out mama!

Bonnie, the new baby, and our other horse, Casey watching protectively (she hasn't had one of her own but she is super protective of the two we had this year). Ruby is the only other mama that hasn't dropped her baby yet. 
Several hours later... :) 

Did I mention that Bonnie rocks the house!?